E-Mail Directory
State Institute of Rural Development
1. Sri N.S. Ravi, IAS Director General dg@sirdup.in
2. Dr. Vardani Addl. Director addldir@sirdup.in
3. - Joint Director jd3@sirdup.in
4. Dr. D.C. Upadhyaya Joint Director jd1@sirdup.in
5. Dr. O.P. Pandey Joint Director jd2@sirdup.in
6. Dr. Pramod Chandra Dy. Director dd1@sirdup.in
7. Sri B.D.Chaudhary Dy. Director dd2@sirdup.in
8. CFO Sr. Finance Officer cfo@sirdup.in
9. - - dd3@sirdup.in
10. Sri Ashok Kumar Asstt. Director ad1@sirdup.in
11. Dr. Shubh Karan Singh Asstt. Director ad3@sirdup.in
12. Dr. Yogendra Kumar Asstt. Director ad4@sirdup.in
13. Sri. Alok Kushwaha Research Officer ro@sirdup.in
14. Sri G.K.Tiwari Faculty Member fm1@sirdup.in
15. Sri. Hemendra Sharma Faculty Member fm2@sirdup.in
16. Sri Naveen Chandra Awasthi Faculty Member fm3@sirdup.in
17. Sri Wahid Ali Faculty Member fm4@sirdup.in
18. Dr. Vinita rawat, FM Faculty Member fm5@sirdup.in
19. Smt. Jyotima Mishra PA to DG patodg@sirdup.in
20. Sri Rakesh Saxena Research Associate ra1@sirdup.in 
21. Sri R. D. Vaish Research Associate ra2@sirdup.in
22. Smt. Vineeta Research Associate ra3@sirdup.in
23. Smt. Suman Lata Priyadarshi Research Associate ra4@sirdup.in
 Regional Institutes of Rural Development
1. Bakshi Ka Talab, Lucknow principal_lucknow@sirdup.in
2. Masaudha, Faizabad principal_faizabad@sirdup.in
3. Rampur Maniharam, Saharanpur principal_saharanpur@sirdup.in
4. Asafpur, Badaun principal_badaun@sirdup.in
5. Mainpuri principal_mainpuri@sirdup.in
6. Bichpuri, Agra principal_agra@sirdup.in
7. Ghazipur principal_ghazipur@sirdup.in
8. Raibarely principal_raibareli@sirdup.in
9. ChirGaon, Jhansi principal_jhansi@sirdup.in
10. Bakewar, Etawah principal_etawah@sirdup.in
11. Afeem ki Kothi, Pratapgarh principal_pratapgarhak@sirdup.in
12. Kala Kankar, Pratapgarh principal_pratapgarhkk@sirdup.in
13. Bulandshahar principal_bulandshahar@sirdup.in
14. Lakhawati, Bulandshahar principal_lakhawati@sirdup.in
15. Chargavan, Gorakhpur principal_gorakhpur@sirdup.in
16. Badhot, Baghpat principal_baghpat@sirdup.in
17. Dhohrighat, Mau principal_mau@sirdup.in
District Institutes of Rural Development
1. Sultanpur dto_sultanpur@sirdup.in
2. Jhanjhari, Gonda dto_gonda@sirdup.in
3. Chitoora, Bahraich dto_bahraich@sirdup.in
4. Jansath, Muzaffarnagar dto_muzaffarnagar@sirdup.in
5. Bhojipura, Bareilly dto_bareilly@sirdup.in
6. Tilhar, Shahjahanpur dto_shahjahanpur@sirdup.in
7. Daniyapur, Rampur dto_rampur@sirdup.in
8. Pilibhit dto_pilibhit@sirdup.in
9. Bijnor dto_bijnor@sirdup.in
10. Kasganj, Kanshiram Nagar dto_krn@sirdup.in
11. Chibramau, Kannauj dto_kannauj@sirdup.in
12. Etah Road, Aligarh dto_aligarh@sirdup.in
13. Damodarpura, Mathura dto_mathura@sirdup.in
14 Raghunathpur, Ballia dto_ballia@sirdup.in
15. Bhodsar, Mirzapur dto_mirzapur@sirdup.in
16. Parmanand, Varanasi dto_varanasi@sirdup.in
17. Siddhiquipur, Jaunpur dto_jaunpur@sirdup.in
18. Teliyani, Fathehpur dto_fatehpur@sirdup.in
19. Dostipur, Unnao dto_unnao@sirdup.in
20. Hardoi dto_hardoi@sirdup.in
21. Khairabaad, Sitapur dto_sitapur@sirdup.in
22. Devkali Road, Lakhimpur Khiri dto_lakhimpurkhiri@sirdup.in
23. Barabanki dto_barabanki@sirdup.in
24. Maudaha, Hamirpur dto_hamirpur@sirdup.in
25. Badokhar Khurd, Banda dto_banda@sirdup.in
26. Roda, Lalitpur dto_lalitpur@sirdup.in
27. Urai, Jalaun dto_jalaun@sirdup.in
28. Rawatpur, Kanpur dto_kanpur@sirdup.in
29. Basnehata, Allahabad dto_allahabad@sirdup.in
30. Sadar, Basti dto_basti@sirdup.in
31. Desahi, Deoria dto_deoria@sirdup.in
32. Dadri, Gautambudha Nagar dto_gautambudhnagar@sirdup.in
33. Fajalpur, Moradabad dto_moradabad@sirdup.in

 Centres of Excellence under State Institute of Rural Development
1. Center for Development Action (CDA)
2. Center for Peoples Participation Transparency and Accountability(CPTA)
3. Center for Health, Hygiene and Nutrition(CHN)
4. Center for Environment and Sanitation(CES)
5. Center for Disaster Management(CDM)
6. Center for Satellite communication (SATCOM)
7. National Key Resource Center for Drinking Water and Sanitation(NRCDWS)
8. Centre for Water and Natural Resource Management (CWNRM)