Rural Development aims at the holistic development of rural masses through multi-discilpinary approach which involves community mobilisation, energising grass roots institutions, creating rural infrastructure, strengthening of delivery system and convergence of various schemes and programmes meant for socio-ecoomic development of rural communities specially the deprived and the poor.
"Computer on rikshaw" a new concept developed by I.I.T. Kanpur
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NFFWP Project
Food for work project run by the Central Govt to generate employment opportunities in the village area.
In March’1983, the Govt. of India formulated the project for setting up of the State Centres for Training and Research in Rural Development as training and come to be regarded as Human Resource Development for accelerating National Development in general. Specifically, related to the India’s vast programmes of Rural Development aimed at improving the quality of life of rural poor, especially those living below poverty line, efforts were made to revitalise the training infrastructure in the country in order to enable the Implementing Authorities and the Beneficiaries to get the quantum advantages out of the vast resources allocated for the various programmes undertaken for Rural Development.
SIRD serves as a connecting link between the National Institute of Rural Development at the national level and Extension Training Centers at the regional level. With the advent of Panchayathi Raj System, the institution has been catering to the training needs of official and non-official functionaries of the State Government, Local Bodies, Rural Development Department and Panchayathi Raj.
State Institute of Rural Department was established by Government of Uttar Pradesh on April 1,1982 to support the growth of human resources for the ever expanding rural sector. The Institute was renamed as deen Dayal Upadhyay State Institute of Rural Department on September 25,1991. The Institute organises training programmes, workshops, seminars and conferences; conducts research and evaluation studies and provides consultancy services.

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